Advanced Technology & Diagnostics

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Throughout his career Dr. Stolzenburg has been devoted to improving his patients’ dental health and beauty. In numerous hours of post-graduate education, he has focused on advances in dental safety, diagnostics and natural appearance.

Most recently, Dr. Stolzenburg has incorporated leading-edge, low radiation digital radiography to enhance his diagnostic capabilities. Digital imaging is used to detect tooth fissures and fractures, decay, bone loss and root positioning. It is faster, safer and provides better imaging, typically revealing images missed by standard X-ray film. The benefits of digital radiography include:

  • Reduces exposure to X-rays by 90%.
  • Provides greater comfort without bulky film containers.
  • Computerized, digital results are immediate and save time.
  • Zoom magnification gives Dr. Stolzenburg the ability to detect harmful changes at early stages, saving you time, pain and added expense.

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Options For General Restoration & Beauty

Dr. Stolzenburg takes time to explain the choices (dental materials and procedures) available to treat your specific dental condition. From here, you and his team work together to devise a treatment plan that best fits your lifestyle, budget, timeline and esthetic goals. For restorative fillings, inlays and onlays, Dr. Stolzenburg offers the following materials.

  • Color Matched Composite Resins
  • Color Matched Porcelains
  • Metal Alloys

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The Best In Cosmetic & Restorative Technology

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In addition to general family dentistry, Dr. Stolzenburg has concentrated on providing his patients with the best materials and technology in cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry. To meet your needs Dr. Stolzenburg provides the following services:

  • Dental Bonding using biocompatible composite resins
  • Veneers utilizing materials to increase longevity and appearance
  • Crowns employing gold alloys, porcelain or CEREC®
  • Dental Bridges using newer attachments and biocompatible materials
  • Surgical Implants anchored with nonreactive titanium posts
  • Gingival re-contouring
  • Full and Partial Dentures with proper fit and natural appearance
  • Teeth Whitening using In-Office or At-Home Custom Trays
  • Invisalign® Teeth Straightening Aligners - Call for a Free Invisalign® Consultation
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You can feel confident that your treatment plan and dental materials are designed to meet all of your dental needs, esthetic preferences and way of life. Dr. Stolzenburg offers the latest in dental techniques and materials at affordable rates.

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The CEREC® Advantage

CEREC® is a biocompatible ceramic used to construct beautiful dental crowns. Each crown is custom-built to fit perfectly using precise digital photography and Computer Aided Design.
No more horrible tasting chalky trays or multiple visits! Now you can get the finest restorative material available, and the whole process only requires one appointment!

CEREC® restorations have the look and feel of natural teeth. Color matching is no problem so no one will ever know your beautiful smile has been crafted by Dr. Stolzenburg. CEREC® crowns resist staining, are strong and incredibly durable. Get started today!

Invisalign® “Invisible Braces”

The days for uncomfortable and unattractive metal braces are numbered. Invisalign® aligners, often called “Invisible Braces”, are not only invisible, they are removable. You can eat, drink, brush and floss with ease. They are comfortable and do not produce mouth abrasions. You also save time since there are no painful wire adjustments with Invisalign®.

Invisalign® makes their nonmetal aligners using
3-D computer imaging.
With 3-D technology you actually view your entire treatment plan before you start. Treatment is both convenient and easy, with the whole process taking about 9 to 15 months.
All you need to do is wear your custom aligner. After approximately 2 weeks you move to the next aligner in your series. Little by little your teeth move into correct alignment. Dr. Stolzenburg monitors your progress at about 6 week intervals. Teeth alignment has never been easier or more comfortable. Call now!